Kawartha Gymnastics Club

Q. What does my child wear?
A. For recreational classes, children can wear either shorts and a T-Shirt (something tight fitting so it will not slide over your child’s head if they go upside down), or a gymnastics suit. We have second hand gymnastics suits available for purchase at the office, cash only. Bare feet in the gym is required for safety reasons. Hair should be pulled back, no jeans, belly tops, dresses or jewelry should be worn. Children dressed inappropriately will be asked to change and/or not be admitted into class.

Q. How do I register my child?
A. You can register online through our website by logging into your customer portal, or in person through the office during our office hours. For assistance, please email us

Q. Is there a viewing area?
A. Yes, we do have a viewing area located at the entrance. For safety reasons Kawartha Gymnastics does not allow parents or family members on the gym floor unless they are participating in the Parent and Tot class, however we do allow accessibility viewing within the gym, we ask that you check in with the office prior to entering the gym.

Q. Where do we drop off and pick our child?
A. Children will wait in our viewing area until it is time for their class at which time a coach will call all classes for that time to follow them into the gym. Five (5) minutes near the end of their class we ask whomever is picking up the child to meet in the viewing area where the classes will be let out.

Q. Is everyone required to take their shoes off when they go into gym?
A. Yes we ask that everyone take their shoes off even in the warmer nicer weather. Keep in mind all children are going into the washrooms in bare feet and their little tootsies don't like stepping on dirt and stones.

Q. Do you offer trial classes or drop-in classes before registration?
A. We offer a drop in class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings 10:30-11:30 Sept-June for children under 5 years of age. For children 4 years and over you are welcome to come to a movie night held once a month on Saturdays – contact us for upcoming dates. Otherwise we would ask for a 10 week commitment to one of our recreational sessions.

Q. How does payment work?

A. Monthly fees are due by the 1st of each month. NSF will be a charge of $20.
Recreational classes pay per session (10 weeks). Three weeks prior to the new session current members can pay to maintain their spot. Two weeks prior to the new session registration opens to the public.

Q. Do you offer Family Discounts?
A. Yes we are proud to offer discounts to families as well as multiple class discounts:
             -2nd child or 2nd class 10% off tuition fees for recreational classes
             -2nd child or 2nd class 5% off tuition fees for advanced recreational and competitive classes.
             -2nd child 25% discount off camp       

             -Movie night $15 per child, $25 for two, and $40 for three
*Discounts will be taken off the lowest fees.

Q. What is your policy on refunds?
A. RECREATIONAL CLASS REFUND: Pro-rated refunds (excluding the $30 mandatory Gymnastics Ontario Fee) will only be issued with written notice prior to the start of the second class. After the second class, refunds area only provided for medical reasons and a medical note must be submitted to us by a qualified medical practitioner at the time of the withdrawal. Refunds for medical reasons will be pro-rated based on the number of remaining classes in the session.

Q. Do you offer makeup classes or refunds for classes missed?
A. We do not offer makeup classes, refunds or credits for missed classes. The gym would only ever cancel classes due to extreme weather conditions or other conditions which our out of our control. We reserve the right to do so without making up the class.

Q. What if the weather is bad?
A. Weather updates - notifications regarding gym closures will be posted on our Facebook page and on the home page of our website.

Q. Do you offer Private Lessons?
A. Yes we do offer private lessons, please email us at or call the office to arrange times. Private lessons can be arranged with any qualified coach - preferably we will arrange a date/time with your child's coach.

Q. What if my child needs to switch their class - due to day/time conflicts or moving up to next age?
A. If there is availability for the desired class we will gladly make the switch for your child. If you know your child will be going up an age bracket we recommend that you put them on a wait list early on.

Q. When do you hold tryouts for your Competitive Gymnastics and Advanced Classes?

A. If your child is interested in pursuing an advanced stream of gymnastics they will need to be tested. Please contact the office to arrange testing. Tryouts for our competitive team are held at the end of May/beginning of June every year and sometimes at the end of August. Dates and times will be posted on the website once they are finalized.

Q. When do I get my Child Fitness Tax Credit Receipt?
A. You should keep your receipt at time of registration for tax purposes. If you need a copy of a receipt, please let us know. You can always view your transaction history by logging into your customer portal.

Q. Can I request a specific coach/teacher?

A. We will do our best to accommodate you, however, there is no guarantee as staffing decisions are based on scheduling.

*If the above does not answer a question you may have, please feel free to contact the office.*