Invitational and Pre-competitive Programs

Our pre-competitive and Invitational programs are based on age and skill level. 

Precompetitive groups are for athletes between the ages of 5 and 9 years old.  These athletes train 4-7 hours a week. These athletes will be eligible to participate in the ODP (Ontario Development Program). 

Our Invitational teams are for ages 10+ and are levels 1-2.  These athletes train 7 hours a week.  Athletes ages 10+ will be eligible to participate in the O.C.P. (Ontario Competitive Program). 

All athletes compete at 2-3 competitions a year.  The age of the athlete for the competitive year is based on their age as of December 31st.

Provincial Programs: age 10+ Compulsory (levels 3-5), Optional (level 6-10)

Athletes in Level 3-9 (age 10+) compete in three qualifying competitions and those ranked in the top 32 spots (score is determined by the average of the two highest qualifying score) compete at Provincial Championships.  Athletes in level 7 or higher can then qualify to attend Eastern Canadian Championships.

Provincial athletes age 14 or older who are in level 6 or higher are eligible to compete for a chance to represent Team Ontario at Tour Selection in the United States.

Provincial athletes also compete at a number of invitational competitions each year. Once attendance has been confirmed for a competition fees are required regardless of the potential of withdrawal.

These athletes train 8-16 hours per week.  The athlete's age for the competitive year is determined by how they are as of December 31st.